Microsoft Wireless Laser Desktop 4000 – $59.99

Microsoft Wireless Laser Desktop 4000 - $59.99

PC and Mac-compatible, wireless keyboard.Compared to other wireless keyboards on the market, it is midpriced at around $70.This device is silver in color.Has 104 keys and includes a USB connector.Offers a palm rest.
Has a mute, zoom, sleep, e-mail, volume, log off, calculator, multimedia, my documents, programmable, and internet browsing button function, which is considerably more favorable than some similarly priced keyboards.Also, this keyboard has laser movement detection, which is somewhat more advanced than some similarly priced keyboards.By way of comparison, the typical cost of a product with this advanced a movement detection is $215.Has a palm rest.(Use of a palm rest is recommended for ergonomic reasons.While it is possible to purchase one separately from your keyboard, many users find it more convenient to have the palm rest built in.)