Desktop Repairs


System Diagnostics

Is your system acting up? We’ll perform a complete hardware diagnostics on your system to determine if all components are working properly and determine the root of the problem. This can be especially useful in detecting early signs of hard drive failure and prevent potential data loss.



System Optimization

We’ll optimize your computer’s start up speed, clean temporary files, check for and install crucial updates and defragment your hard drive



Internal Cleaning

Dust and other air pollutants can interrupt proper airflow and cause your system to overheat and burn out. We’ll clean out your systems fans/heat sinks and ensure proper airflow is keeping your system cool.


Data Transfer

We will transfer your data from your old PC or media device to your new PC or Hard drive

Price: from $39.99

Data Recovery

Software data recovery from a defective /crashed hard drive or corrupted Windows or Mac OSX.

Price from $79.99 for Desktop/ External Hard Drive(More info)

Price from $59.99 for Flash USB (More info)


Virus Removal

We will remove harmful/harassing viruses that are affecting your systems security, functionality and performance

Price: $59.99 (more info)


Data Backup

We will backup your personal data from one PC/Notebook/Media device and transfer it to another. This is especially useful in situations where data corruption has occurred or windows is no longer booting up due to software errors.

Price: from $39.99

Operating System re-installation

If your system is not booting into windows properly, performing slower than it normally should, infected with viruses and/ or giving you random errors and problems then you may need to have your operating system re installed. A fresh installation will have your system running at maximum efficiency because it completely wipes all the “junk” that clutters your system and impedes performance as well as correcting issues that develop over time. You should always back up any important data before having this done, however if your unable to do so because you can’t access your system or files then let us know and we will back up your data for you. Please note that for us to install Windows or any other licensed software we need to have the COA (certificate of authenticity) which is the sticker attached to your system with the license number and operating system version. The operating CD/DVD is not required but if you do have system disks specific to your PC or laptop you may bring it in with your machine.

Price: from $69.99